The Donald

I found an interesting word used to help describe some of The Donald’s more outstanding traits. Solipsism. Here is’s definition:

Philosophy. the theory that only the self exists, or can be proved to exist.
extreme preoccupation with and indulgence of one’s feelings, desires, etc.; egoistic self-absorption.

Fitting? I think so.



Last night I was thinking about just writing about my own life. Reflect on it and not give a shit if anyone reads it because no one ever comes here anyway!

As a little kid I could not have had it better. I suppose you could say I was “Almost Spoiled”. I was never much on gratitude because everything that I received was just kind of expected. Not that I was a spoiled ingrate. Didn’t whine if I didn’t get everything. Let’s just say I didn’t say my prayers of thanks every Christmas. I suppose my form of thanks came in the fact that I was a pretty good child. Always obeyed and had a healthy respect for my parents’ rule. My folks where always proud of my performance in school (with good reason I might add), excuse me I’ve always had a big ego, but facts are facts.

Then came those terrible junior high school years. Every thing changed about the time I started smoking cigarettes with Tom in the woods. Hell, might as well smoke. My mommie dearest always accused me of smoking anyway. I always smelled of cigarette smoke because everyone on that stinking school bus smoked and it was on my clothing. Still I maintained exceptional grades in school and my parents and all my relatives always would say things like, “There goes a really good kid”. I often think of that now as I reflect on all the major fuck ups to come.


Hi All! Looks like I should change the name of my blog, for now, anyway. Due to unforeseen circumstances I haven’t been able to access my page for a while. But I’m Back and I hope that anyone that has ever visited my blog before comes back to leave a comment.

We have little group tat has just begun at 1080 Folsom St. In San Francisco. Next group will be Sunday, March 4 at 4pm. We would love to have you!

ACIM Meetup Group

I’ve recently been informed about a cool site called Found a nearby ACIM study group here in San Francisco just about a ten minute walk from my apartment. Hoping to meet a lot of enlightened folks tomorrow!

My Birthday!

My former wife, Laura, remembered my birthday. A guy from my spiritual community remembered, and I received an automated birthday video from the local rock station, KFOG, here in San Francisco. Actually, more than I expected.

A Course In Miracles Update

The text of The Course is really where the eye-opening takes place. Yet it can be the epitome of obscurity. When I began studying The Course back in 1994, sometimes I would read a chapter and feel as though someone threw a grenade into my mind. I was just, “What?”. So I laid it aside, with reverence, occasionally opening it up for bits of enlightenment whenever The Spirit moved me. I picked it up again in earnest recently and realized that my studies of other spiritual materials over the years must be paying off. The Course seems to make a lot more sense to me now. I find myself highlighting every other sentence! And it’s great that I am reading it on my Kindle because whenever these “Ah Ha!” moments strike I can just type in a footnote. Remember, thoughts are indeed things and it is imperative to make note of them when important ones appear.  I’m still having a struggle with some of the daily lessons though. The Course does warn in the very beginning that some of the lessons will be startling and some actively resisted. This certainly seems to be the case for me.