Monthly Archives: August 2015


Last night I was thinking about just writing about my own life. Reflect on it and not give a shit if anyone reads it because no one ever comes here anyway!

As a little kid I could not have had it better. I suppose you could say I was “Almost Spoiled”. I was never much on gratitude because everything that I received was just kind of expected. Not that I was a spoiled ingrate. Didn’t whine if I didn’t get everything. Let’s just say I didn’t say my prayers of thanks every Christmas. I suppose my form of thanks came in the fact that I was a pretty good child. Always obeyed and had a healthy respect for my parents’ rule. My folks where always proud of my performance in school (with good reason I might add), excuse me I’ve always had a big ego, but facts are facts.

Then came those terrible junior high school years. Every thing changed about the time I started smoking cigarettes with Tom in the woods. Hell, might as well smoke. My mommie dearest always accused me of smoking anyway. I always smelled of cigarette smoke because everyone on that stinking school bus smoked and it was on my clothing. Still I maintained exceptional grades in school and my parents and all my relatives always would say things like, “There goes a really good kid”. I often think of that now as I reflect on all the major fuck ups to come.